RUBEN'S Computer Repair Technicians

If experience, training, and security are among your top considerations for your Houston tx and Pasadena tx laptop repair, Ruben's Technicians provide you with highly experienced, A+ Certified techncians, and manufacturer-approved warranty service.

A+ Certified Laptop Repair

A+ Certification is the computer industry’s standard certification for computer and notebook repair. To achieve A+ Certification, a technician typically has at least 500 hours of experience with computer operating systems, configuration of hardware and software, system files, maintenance, networking and troubleshooting.

A student attempting A+ Certification must pass an exam that covers 8 essential areas:
1.Personal computer components
2.Laptop and portable devices
3.Operating systems
4.Printers and scanners
7.Safety and environmental issues
8.Communication and professionalism

Manufacturer Certifications

In order to provide manufacturer-approved warranty services for laptop brands such as Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo, Fujitsu, and dell, Ruben's technicians must be A+ certified and participate in ongoing manufacturer certification training.

This training covers new products, releases, and important security issues for each of the manufacturers.

Data Security Training

Protecting our clients’ data security is essential to the way we work.  software failures, and weaknesses in security protocol can all put your data at risk.

That’s why our technicians undergo extensive and continuing data security training-staying on top of the latest threats, software, and protocol to keep your data safe.

Extensive Repair Experience

We take pride in hiring highly experienced and well trained laptop repair technicians. This practice assures you that:
◾The issue is identified quickly and correctly.
◾Your estimate is accurate.
◾The repair is of the best quality and will last.
◾You receive your notebook back as soon as possible (Expedited, Express and Priority Services deliver your computer even faster, for an additional fee.)

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